About Don

Don grew up near a little town in California called Anderson. It's close to Redding, which is at the top of the Central Valley.

He started playing guitar at an early age and wrote his first song when he was ten. After high school, Don got a call from an old friend who lived in Oregon and was the drummer of a popular band in the Northwest. They needed a guitar player fast, and two days later Don joined them. A couple years later, he decided to learn more about music and attended school for music theory and composition. After that, it was on to L.A. where he got his agent to do some print work while crafting his style of writing music. His agent enrolled him in an acting academy and he quickly found a new passion.

Now, he writes the music and lyrics to all his songs and records them with renowned producer Marty Rifkin. His singles have hit the charts and gone clear to No. 1 and his CDs have been well received all around the world.

From print to commercials and soaps, he has now starred or co-starred in several feature films. He really enjoys both arts but will always be a songwriter first.


  • 2000 - "Given The Way She Is" - Smart Guy Music
  • 2000 - "Can't Put Out A Fire" - Track featured in the movie soundtrack for "Alien Species"
  • 2003 - "That's How Far Love Goes" - Smart Guy Music
  • 2009 - "Someday" - Smart Guy Music