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Don's Blurb

July 2012

Hey everybody!

I'm almost all the way back from my shoulder surgery, just have a little ways to go. I can play my guitar full-speed without taking a break now but still haven't gotten the guts to go out and dance with all the turns, dips and flips. LOL.

I should be hittin' the studio pretty soon and I have a bunch of great new cuts. Looks like I'll be recording "Our Last Kiss" first as it's gotten such a great local reception

Hope you all are having a great summer and keepin' it safe!


Don Hughes


Released several singles in Europe and Down Under including:

That's How Far Love Goes

  • #7 Top 200 songs played
  • Top 20 on European CMA and World Indie Charts

Illusions of Love

  • #1 UK
  • Top 20 on European CMA Chart


  • Top 20 World Indie Chart
  • Top 10 European CMA Chart

When Tomorrow Becomes Today

  • Top 20 in Several Countries
  • Top 20 European CMA Chart

Current Radio Reviews

  • France / Waves Radio Int'l: "Super new single by Don Hughes"
  • England / Trust 1270: "Don Hughes certainly commands attention"
  • Australia / Fresh 89.5 FM: Don Hughes outstanding
  • Netherlands / PEELAND MASS Radio: Don Hughes takes first honors on our playlist
  • England / Link Radio: Really like Don Hughes' style of singing
  • New Zealand / Town and Country Radio NZ: Don Hughes really clicks here
  • Italy / Padania Radio: Don Hughes, great voice and song
  • Sweden / MCAC Pop a Top: Enjoy up-tempo tune of Don Hughes
  • Austria / Maria Radio Austria: Don Hughes, fine arrangement
  • Germany / Riverside Radio: Like style of Don Hughes
  • Belgium / 105.9 FM: Don Hughes great performance
  • England / HHR Radio: Don, top writer / singer
  • Italy / Sindal Syndicated Show: Don Hughes has lovely tune
  • Netherlands / PEELSTAR 107 FM: Don Hughes has top song here