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Don's Blurb

April 2017

Hey everybody, a lot goin' on!

We've released two new songs with lyric videos. For now, the videos are both on Facebook and Youtube.

We're in the middle of recording my new song "Down in Jamaica" and it'll be out next month.

I've just finished writing two new great songs that I can't wait to record and share. Also, we've opened up a new merchandise store with t-shirts that have titles of the two new songs among other neat items. You can check it out at CafePress.

Hope everyone is well and in good spirits!


Don Hughes


Released several singles in Europe and Down Under including:

That's How Far Love Goes

  • #7 Top 200 songs played
  • Top 20 European CMA and World Indie Charts

Illusions Of Love

  • #1 UK
  • Top 20 on European CMA Chart


  • Top 20 World Indie Chart
  • Top 10 European CMA Chart

When Tomorrow Becomes Today

  • Top 20 in several countries
  • Top 20 European CMA Chart

Current Radio Reviews

  • France / Waves Radio Int'l: Super new single by Don Hughes
  • England / Trust 1270: Don Hughes certainly commands attention
  • Australia / Fresh 89.5 FM: Don Hughes is outstanding
  • Netherlands / PEELAND MASS Radio: Don Hughes takes first honors on our playlist
  • England / Link Radio: Really like Don Hughes' style of singing
  • New Zealand / Town and Country Radio: Don Hughes really clicks here
  • Italy / Padania Radio: Don Hughes, great voice and song
  • Sweden / MCAC Pop a Top: Enjoy up-tempo tune of Don Hughes
  • Austria / Maria Radio Austria: Don Hughes, fine arrangement
  • Germany / Riverside Radio: Like style of Don Hughes
  • Belgium / 105.9 FM: Don Hughes great performance
  • England / HHR Radio: Don, top writer / singer
  • Italy / Sindal Syndicated Show: Don Hughes has top song here